Does online therapy really work?

It absolutely does. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Clarity Counseling and Therapy Group has been providing virtual counseling through secure online platforms to our clients. Some of these platforms include Zoom, Psychology Today, Simple Practice and more. Your online therapy sessions and information are completely private and confidential, and you will get the same exact assistance from us online as you would in person. The only difference is that you have the flexibility to do it from your own home. We can still provide CBT Therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy), DBT Therapy (dialectical behavior therapy), individual therapy, family/group therapy, and more through the computer. All of our psychotherapists use HIPAA-compliant platforms that are completely safe and confidential.

Offering therapy online also helps our team reach a wider range of people. Instead of searching for “therapy near me,” you don’t have to worry about the drive to therapy. It also allows us to give you more availability. Whether you live in Sherman Oaks, San Francisco, Calabasas, Los Angeles, or anywhere else in the Golden State, we are licensed to give you the mental health care and assistance that you deserve. Our clients truly appreciate the flexibility that comes with online therapy.