About Us

Welcome to Clarity Counseling & Therapy Group! If you are looking for an affordable, one-stop shop for online therapy in California, you are in the right place. Clarity Counseling & Therapy Group was founded by Ari Labowitz and Heather Meyer, who are also two of the psychotherapists that work at our private practice. Ari and Heather created this team to help solve some of the biggest hurdles people face when it comes to therapy: affordability, flexibility, and finding the right therapist for you.

Let’s talk about affordability. We have found that many people who need mental health services don’t get the help they need because of how expensive therapy can be – especially in California. Our group is proud to offer a wide range of pricing that fits many budgets. We are able to do this because we have a great mix of Licensed Psychotherapists and Associate Psychotherapists. You will find that our fees for online therapy are far more attainable than other therapy groups and practices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or anywhere else in California. Clarity Counseling & Therapy Group is also working to become in-network providers with certain insurance networks, and we are happy to provide you a Superbill for any possible reimbursements. We do all of this because we truly believe that everyone deserves access to therapy.

Our team can offer you flexibility because we are operating solely online! All of our psychotherapists are doing online, video therapy sessions through completely safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant virtual platforms. That means you can find a therapist who can help you with CBT therapy, DBT therapy, or anything else during your lunch break, at your office, or at later hours in the evening. You don’t have to spend hours searching for “therapy near me,” since you don’t have to go anywhere. Plus, you don’t have to brave California traffic, drive to a building you have never been to before, or pay for parking! You can get your online therapy and virtual counseling done right from the comfort of your office or home. You will receive the same exact privacy, confidentiality, compassion, and care you would in person with our online therapy in California.

Lastly, our group was built so that we could help a wider audience. It can be challenging to find a therapist near you who is a great match. Let Clarity Counseling & Therapy Group be your one-stop shop for all things therapy. We are one practice with five specialists. Our five psychotherapists specialize in a variety of different mental health areas. So, no matter what brought you to our website, we are confident that one of our clinicians can assist you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Rather than clicking through a bunch of different individual therapy websites, we have multiple psychotherapist options for you right here, in one place. Our team offers adolescent therapy, individual therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy to anyone living in California. Whether you are struggling with depression, grief, trauma, addiction, anxiety, OCD, increased stress, self esteem issues, or anything else, we are here to be a safe space for you to grow.

You can start your online therapy journey today with one of our five team members. Feel free to click on their names to learn more about their specialties.

Ari Labowitz, LMFT

Heather Meyer, LMFT

Sara Glazer, LMFT

Are you ready to live a more confident, stress-free, and meaningful life? Please contact us, to set up a free, 15-minute consultation. During your consultation, we will discuss any of your concerns and help you find which of our psychotherapists is best for you based on your preferences, budget, and availability.