Sara Glazer

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Since graduating with her Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California, Sara has worked to provide direct clinical services including individual, group, family and couples’ therapy. Sara has experience providing care across the residential & outpatient substance abuse, integrated care, and non-profit settings. Sara incorporates a trauma-informed approach to deliver a customized balance between traditional psychotherapeutic modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy and alternative modalities. Sara has provided screening, health coaching, and focused, brief evidence-based intervention and consultation to the medical team for patients seen in primary care with behavioral health conditions. She has also practiced evaluating, designing, and implementing brief ambulatory case management interventions for patients with psycho/social/ and substance abuse issues with a particular focus on patients with behavioral needs such as depression and anxiety. In her current position, Sara's responsibilities also include planning and implementing interventions for dual-diagnosis substance abuse patients with emotional or behavioral problems such as difficulties with relationships, insomnia, depression, anxiety, grief, stress, etc. Sara is also experienced in helping patients with relaxation techniques, stress management, social support, self-management, and medication adherence. She aims to provide a compassionate, judgment-free environment for all clients.